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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ways to save a few bucks each month

Everyone can use a few extra dollars each month with prices for just about everything increasing much faster then wages. Found this post about Money Saving Tips for around the Home and thought it was worth sharing.

Here are a few other tips that are pretty easy for saving money while driving.

- Make sure your tires have proper tire pressure

- Remove any extra weight from your car, check the trunk for starters

- Make sure you are using the correct gas octane that your car calls for

- This one will seem silly, but make sure your car is clean. Dirt increases friction/drag and thus reduces your gas mileage.

- Roll up the windows when at high speeds. Leaving your window open increases drag and kills your gas mileage.

- Never thought I would support this idea, but slow down. Higher speeds use more gas then lower speeds. More important is accelerate a little slower and you can see large savings for your city driving.

Hope these few tips help save you a few dollars.